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Ziro — Famous for Paddy-cum-Fish culture

Ziro is a town that is located in the Lower Subansiri district of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The town is said to be one of the most beautiful and pristine towns in the country. The place has a tribal heritage and many of the local population belong to the various tribes in the region. The Apani Tabu tribe is one of the main tribes in the region and the people of this tribe are extremely unique.
A unique feature of the town is the Paddy cum Fish rearing system of the town. This cannot be seen anywhere else in the country. These farms are a must see while travelling to the town of Ziro. The Tarin Fish Farm is also worth the visit and this is located around four km from the town of Hapoli. A hill called the Ziro Puto is located nearby and one can witness an outstanding view of the valley from this vantage point. There are a few trekking spots that are located near the place as well. The Talley Valley is the main trekking site and it is a hot spot of pokemon go hack tool download bio diversity. There is a Shiva Linga that is located at Kardo and this is also a good place to see.
The best time to visit Ziro is in January in order to experience the ‘Murung rituals’ of the Apa Tani tribe or in the month of March for their ‘Myoko rituals’. There is a ‘Dree Festival’ from 4th to 7th July each year where the Apa Tanis sacrifice animals to the God with the belief that the Gods will be pleased and the region does not experience famine. The agriculture season from February to October are considered unique and are known internationally. There is a famous Shiva Lingam at a few kilometres from Ziro town which attracts a huge number of devotees every day.
During the agriculture season, tourists can witness the paddy (rice) cum fish click this website culture which is the practice of rearing fish in the rice fields. The Ziro Putu is a hillock from where one can see the entire Ziro valley. The airstrip in Ziro is also visible from here and makes it a scenic view point.
Tourists keen on trekking can explore the Talle Valley holiday packages , an area full of biodiversity and located approximately 30km north east of Ziro. The flora and fauna here range from sub-tropical forests to silver fir trees, as well as a variety of ferns, bamboo, orchids and rhododendrons. Breeding of high altitude fish is done at fish farms near Hapoli town tour package , close to Ziro and also worth a visit. In the wake of the unique tourism opportunity that the Ziro valley offers, NABARD has initiated various eco-tourism measures in the region.
There are various hotels and resorts in Ziro holidays , making the place complete in its attraction to visitors click more details in terms of stay and activities. The closest airport is located at Tezpur. For those who are arriving by air, this is the most viable option. State government buses are available from the town of Itanagar.

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